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Numismatics Noir: Welcome

What Does it mean? 

Numismatics is the study and collecting of things that are used as money, including coins and paper bills

Noir is the French word for dark or Black

Numismatics Noir, is a Calibrated Lens initiative with the goals of:

1. Introducing coin collecting as an asset building strategy and point of entry for investment in precious metals

2. Increasing the diversity of coin collectors by sharing knowledge and visibility of Black People on US currency

3. Inspiring pride in the acquisition of a piece of Black History and tangible holdings that can be passed down across generations

4. Involvement in solutioning to address the racial wealth gap

In recent years, there has been an increase in both the visibility and prominence of Black people, historical figures and experiences on US currency. This evolution has created a unique opportunity to engage in an asset building strategy, where the identity and contributions of Black people are featured.
 Most view pocket change and coins only for their monetary value. This is a low-risk way to explore investments an asset that may appreciate with time and an entry point into investing in precious metals. 


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Numismatics Noir: Projects
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